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How well does the budget “share” the pain around and by what definitions of fairness? AAP/Lukas Coch

Defining what is meant by ‘fair’ in Hockey’s budget

Joe Hockey says that this budget shares the pain. But what is the right share for whom? This budget is like all the others – it lacks a compass that tells us the overall effect of government spending and…
Under scrutiny. Fairy_Nuff

British bosses should be paid more, but bonuses are risky

The global market for CEOs is highly competitive. Shareholders may not like it – and the general public might like it less – but that means British companies could and should be increasing the pay of the…
Once universally thought of as an egalitarian country, what’s happened to wealth and income inequality in Australia in recent decades? AAP/Dan Peled

Income and wealth inequality: how is Australia faring?

The Conversation is running a series, Class in Australia, to identify, illuminate and debate its many manifestations. Here, Peter Whiteford investigates what has happened to income and wealth inequality…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s free market, small government leaning overlooks the real issue of social inequality. Lukas Coch/AAP

Why Abbott can’t delete ‘society’ from his economic growth script

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s address to the World Economic Forum in January delivered a plain, pragmatic message. The best remedy for the uneven recovery of the world economy, according to Abbott, is a…
At what price? Moving house is just one strategy parents use to get kids into good schools. PA

A third of wealthy parents have moved house for a school place

One in three professional parents with children under 16 has moved their family to a new area solely because of the quality of its schools – and nearly a fifth have moved to be in a specific school’s catchment…
Climate adaptation has to keep poorer people cool too. Chris Riebschlager

Staying safe in a hotter Australia might depend on your income

In a summer that has so far seen unprecedented heat followed by unprecedented floods across large parts of the country, it’s hard for those of us researching climate change impacts not to say “I told you…
Social stability is the main driver behind the release of China’s reform guidelines on income equality, which contained frank admissions of the drivers of inequality. flickr/svigier

China tackles income inequality, but is silent on state corruption

For all the economic success that China has enjoyed in recent decades, such as record levels of poverty reduction and growth in real per capita consumption, a consistent conclusion of academic research…
The prime minister has given the electorate seven and half months to tell her what they want. AAP/Alan Porrit

Community has seven months to put inequality back on the agenda

We have 226 days until the election, and are hearing lots of pious statements about having time for some serious policy debate. But we should use this time to move the policy debates well beyond what the…
If your environment is polluted, you’re probably poor. Kaptain Kobold/flickr

A healthy environment shouldn’t just be for the rich

Ever heard of “environmental justice”? No? It links social and environmental discrimination. Still doesn’t sound familiar? Well if you’ve seen the movie Erin Brockovich - which examines how a single mother…
The poorest people in the world have the largest burden of disease. Jon Baldock

Obesity, poverty and inequality: weighty problems for all of us

A somewhat diverting paper on obesity came out earlier this week. It’s based on a cute idea – looking at what overweight people do to global resource requirements instead of the more traditional approach…
Growing income inequality in China will continue to hamper its transition from a middle-income to high-income country. oliverlaumann

For China, politics will be crucial to avoid the pitfalls of the middle-income trap

Can the economic rise of new middle-income countries such as China, Brazil, India and even Indonesia continue until they become high-income countries like Australia? Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan…

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