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Giving innovators the right tools and guidance can set a new path for responsible health innovation for products from concept to disposal. (Shutterstock)

‘Responsibility washing’ is as bad for health innovation as greenwashing is for sustainability. Here’s how to stop it.

New health technologies raise complex economic, social, environmental and safety concerns. Just as greenwashing tarnished sustainability efforts, ‘responsibility washing’ threatens health innovation.
A volcano-themed tissue box designed with the help of AI-assisted image generation. Juan Noguera

DALL-E 2 and Midjourney can be a boon for industrial designers

During the brainstorming stage of the design process, AI-powered image generation programs can open creative doors that may have otherwise never been accessed.
Classic Australian car design is on display at the National Gallery of Victoria. GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY, Detroit (manufacturer) United States est. 1908. GM HOLDEN LTD, Adelaide (coachbuilder) est. 1931. Pontiac all-enclosed coupe (Silver Streak) 1938 body designed Hartley Chaplin and Tom Wylie. Collection of Violet Cecil, Melbourne. NGV

More with less: Aussie innovation and the future of car design

We’re not making cars in Australia anymore but the Shifting Gear exhibition at NGV showcases the best of local automobile design.
The Blickensderfer 6 portable typewriter. Designed by George Canfield Blickendsderfer, USA, 1906. Powerhouse Museum

Not just a pretty interface: good design goes beyond looks

In everyday life we are surrounded by a dizzying array of technological gizmos. The ones we love and use the most are often the ones that have been designed with humans firmly in mind. Those that aren’t…
Why has David Foulkes Taylor again been left out of the history of mid-century Australian design? Ted Snell

Don’t forget the west: mid-century modern and David Foulkes Taylor

In 1982, I wrote an introduction to a survey exhibition of the work of Western Australian furniture designer David Foulkes Taylor lamenting that so little attention had “… been directed towards the recording…
While design alone cannot solve global poverty, the Moneymaker pump is making a difference for many Africans. Esther Havens/

Sublime design: the KickStart MoneyMaker pump

Designers aim to change peoples’ lives, ideally for the better. The American co-founders of design and development company KickStart, Martin Fisher and Nick Moon, set themselves a particularly difficult…
Irrespective of your button pressing technique, unfortunately the wait will always be the same. Dave Young

Sublime design: the PB/5 pedestrian button

We are more likely to thump this instantly recognisable design, on a daily basis, than to give it much thought. The PB/5 pedestrian button, a type of “Audio-Tactile Pedestrian Detector” (ATPD), is a successful…
The Moog, 2014 Model Sub 37 – producer of squelchy bass lines and distorted expressive solos. Wikimedia Commons

Sublime design: the Moog synthesiser

The classic sound many of us imagine when the word synthesiser is mentioned is the sound of the Moog – the warm, solid propulsive groove of its bass sound and the distinctive sweep of its patented lowpass…
Traditional, hybrid or high-tech – what’s your choice? AAP Image ASP Kelly Cestari

Surfboard design cuts sick – and it’s more diverse than ever

The surfboard industry remains a paradox – existing in a shared but parallel world of high-tech and traditional design and production practices. At once surfboards can be high-performance and nostalgic…
Designers can work small to produce large impact. Courtesy of the artist Anupama Kundoo

Review: CUSP – Designing into the Next Decade

Designers today are impatient for their work to expand into a larger world. They are testing their expertise in complex and non-traditional fields such as finance, conflict, health and disease; growing…

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