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Translating notes into ‘deep’ or ‘high’ versions of languages isn’t very useful for young students who prefer vernacular, colloquial ways of speaking. Shutterstock

Simple, vernacular translations make the most sense for university students

There is little value in translating academic texts into “high” or “deep” versions of African languages. Most students read and speak their mother tongues in a far more colloquial fashion.
There’s plenty of excitement around Duolingo – a new idea to learn languages while translating the web. But does it work? Words image from

Learning a language and translating the web: does Duolingo work?

Duolingo, a new free language-learning site, says it can help you learn a language for free while simultaneously using your learning exercises to translate the web. A pretty big claim, but at the heart…
Asian languages are important, but they should be one part of a greater focus on Asia in the curriculum. Asian image from

Across the curriculum: access to Asian languages isn’t everything

Despite the breadth of issues in the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper released this week, so far the debate has focused largely on language learning in schools. With fewer and fewer students…
Ken Henry’s white paper on Australia in the Asian Century will be released this Sunday. AAP

Asian language support lagging in Asian Century discussion

Asian language studies should be front and centre in the white paper on Australia in the Asian Century, say experts, with worrying declines in Asian language studies putting Australia at a disadvantage…

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