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Bushfire-related class action suits against the government have had little success in the past, but there are other benefits to pursuing a case. Steven Saphore/AAP

I’ve won cases against the government before. Here’s why I doubt a climate change class action would succeed

In a landmark case in the Netherlands, the courts have ordered the government to cut carbon emissions. A similar strategy would be difficult in Australia, but other legal options could bring change.
Some South African universities said they felt sufficiently threatened to obtain interdicts against protesting students. Kim Ludbrook/EPA

Explainer: the role of court interdicts in managing protests

Universities were widely criticised for turning to the courts during a series of student protests in South Africa. So why did they do it, and did the interdict process work?
Reporter Scott McIntyre lost his job with SBS following several controversial tweets on Anzac Day – but does the Fair Work Act protect the right to political expression? Dave Hunt/AAP

Scott McIntyre vs SBS will test employees’ right to be opinionated

Scott McIntyre’s legal challenge against being sacked by SBS will be an interesting test of whether the Fair Work Act offers any safe haven for employees to maintain a personal and political identity.
Queensland-born broadcaster Alan Jones isn’t backing down from allegations he has made against the state’s Premier and Deputy Premier, despite the pair suing him. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Queensland Premier suing Alan Jones is ‘risky’: legal experts

Legal experts warn that the Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier are taking a risk by suing radio host Alan Jones for defamation – particularly because Jones does not necessarily have to prove his allegations…
The Great Southern case was Victoria’s largest ever class action and involved 22,000 group members and individual plaintiffs. David Crosling/AAP

Great Southern class action calls for debate on lawyers fees

The failed Great Southern class action, which saw lawyers receive substantially more compensation than victims, could be seen as making the case for contingency fees. The Productivity Commission recently…
The heart of the matter. The container port at Long Beach. sunslate

Europe faces weapons of legal destruction in USA trade talks

Efforts to build a more effective trading regime between Europe and the USA can reasonably be called positive, both for growth and the ease of doing business. Currently, however, negotiations include proposals…

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