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‘Design for a giant crossbow.’ Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo joined art with engineering

As Leonardo da Vinci found centuries ago, scholars of art, design, engineering and science can work together for mutual benefit.
From cats to dragonflies, Leonardo sketched scores of animals. Leonardo da Vinci/Royal Collection Trust

Leonardo da Vinci saw in animals the ‘image of the world’

Rather than prioritizing human beings at the pinnacle of the animal kingdom, Leonardo revered all living beings. When he compared people and animals, it’s the animals that often came out on top.
Leonardo da Vinci, Study of Two Warriors Heads for the Battle of Anghiari, c. 1504-5. Black chalk or charcoal, some traces of red chalk on paper. Google Art Project. Wikimedia Commons.

How Leonardo da Vinci made a living from killing machines

Leonardo’s professional life reveals his genius for creating technologies of destruction.
Leonardo da Vinci, Landscape drawing for Santa Maria della Neve on 5th August 1473. Wikimedia commons

Leonardo da Vinci revisited: was he an environmentalist ahead of his time?

His exquisite drawings suggest a particular depth of feeling for the natural world and he was attuned to the emotions of animals. Yet it seems that preservation of nature was not on Leonardo’s mind.

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