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Why is the City keeping its suffering under wraps? Robin Hawkes

Banks pay a heavy price for the crisis, but fail to count the cost

The major international banks are being lumbered with more and higher fines as the fallout from the financial crisis continues. Our research as part of the Conduct Costs Project at the CCP Research Foundation…
Taking banking back to its foundations. orangeacid

Reborn TSB evokes memories of another banking era

After an absence of 18 years, TSB banks reappeared on the British high street this week. Though much of the initial commentary focused on the new bank’s opening day website crash, a more interesting question…
RBS: Not as valuable as it used to be. David Cheskin/PA

RBS sale: bad for taxpayers, bad for banking

The UK could be about to make a multi-billion pound mistake. Plans to sell-off the 82% share of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the 39% share of Lloyds owned by the taxpayer are gaining favour in…
Another day, another banking scandal: the UK Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards has exposed the follies of the City’s badly behaved bankers. AAP

London’s bad bankers thrown into the lion’s den

Though it rarely rates a mention in the Australian financial press, there is a spectacle in London at the moment that rivals even the most ferocious games at the Roman Colosseum. Almost every day, a bunch…

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