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Simon Crean has set out a forward-looking proposal for the future of Australian arts. But will it last? AAP/Alan Porritt

National cultural policy is bold, but vulnerable

The first major national cultural policy in 19 years was unveiled by Minister for the Arts Simon Crean yesterday. Minister Crean has called it “a national cultural policy for the decade.” Uncharitable…
Ballet Revolucion perform in Perth - one of Australia’s most culturally affordable cities. AAP

How the NBN can help bridge our geographical cultural divide

Australia’s dispersed population and its vast tyrannies of distance has created a major, ongoing, cultural divide. The relative costs of consuming culture between bush and city are starkly skewed in favour…
Art nation: Australia is developing a new national cultural policy to position us for the next decade. AAP

Where the jobs are: why a national cultural policy matters

Australia is on a promise to develop a National Cultural Policy, the first since Creative Nation in 1994. Minister for the Arts Simon Crean has released a discussion paper designed to examine how Australia…

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