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Articles on Particle physics

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The Large Hadron Collider has been used to find out what matter is fundamentally made of, and how the universe was created. EPA/Martial Triezzini

Explainer: quarks

One of humanity’s eternal questions surrounds what we are fundamentally made of. Many ancient philosophies believed in a set of classical elements: from water, air, fire and earth of ancient Greeks; to…
We thought we knew the radius of the proton to within 0.8%. Perhaps not. Ludie Cochrane/Flickr

Updating the textbook: is the radius of a proton wrong?

Striving for agreement between theory and experiment and pushing the boundaries of precision are important parts of the scientific process. With each step in this process we move closer to enlightenment…
When you shine a torch into a dusty room, not all the photons reach their destination. Simon Greig (xrrr)

‘Louder’ light could power a brighter quantum future

All of the light we see around us comes in chunks of energy known as photons. As well as making up light, photons can be used to carry and process information and their quantum properties make possible…
There’s an ongoing push to open the world of academic knowledge to the wider population … for free. Jackman Chiu

Open-access journals: a perspective from within

There’s an ongoing debate in the world of academic publishing about whether the public should be allowed open access to research publications we all pay for in the first place. “If we are paying for this…
“Most people just get used to the concept and get on with their lives.” Roger McLassus

Explainer: what is wave-particle duality

Our notion of reality is built on everyday experiences. But wave-particle duality is so strange that we are forced to re-examine our common conceptions. Wave-particle duality refers to the fundamental…
By smashing together particles at the highest energy readings ever recreated in a laboratory, the Large Hadron Collider, also known as the Big Bang machine, has helped scientists understand the nature of the universe. EPA/Martial Trezzini

Scientists say they have found a Higgs-like particle

Physicists this afternoon announced they have found evidence for a particle considered the biggest missing piece in the standard…
Race to the bottomium: down the mind-blowing spiral of subatomic physics. Flickr/marc_buehler.

Large Hadron Collider hits the bottomium

A heavy variant of a particle first observed 25 years ago has been found in the debris of close-to-the-speed-of-light proton…

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