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Best foot forward. Pieds by Shutterstock

Are your beach feet ready?

If you’re thinking about getting your thongs out – no, not your bikini – then here’s the best way to make sure your feet are at their best.
It’s unclear whether reflexology provides any therapeutic benefits beyond those of a generic foot massage. Paul Bence

Reflexology: panacea or placebo?

Reflexology is a form of manual therapy based on the principle that specific locations on the feet, hands and ears have connections to the rest of the body. By applying pressure to these locations using…
These kinds of shoes typically appear next to articles warning of the dangers to health posed by high heels. d b/Flickr

Stand tall, ladies: harm from high heels can be minimised

Women are often told how the very high-heeled shoes they wear are doing them harm. But instead of trying to make them feel guilty about their footwear, we would be better off discussing how to help women…

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