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Taking a loan has never been easier thanks to the proliferation of mobile lending platforms. Rosenfeld Media/Wikimedia Commons

Mobile-based lending is huge in Kenya: but there’s a downside too

Mobile loan platforms have given Kenyans access to easy loans, but they come at a high price.
Because ‘buy now, pay later’ companies are not regulated under the National Credit Act, Afterpay is not legally required to observe responsible lending obligations.

What’s the difference between credit and debt? How Afterpay and other ‘BNPL’ providers skirt consumer laws

By not charging interest, Afterpay and other ‘buy now, pay later’ providers avoid the rules of national consumer credit law.
In the new uncapped fee environment, there seems little to stop door-to-door sellers targeting the ill-informed. Image sourced from

Uncapping education fees and unleashing the unscrupulous

The federal budget proposal to uncap university fees could be taken as a blank chequebook for both universities and self-accrediting colleges offering higher education services. On the ABC’s 7.30 program…

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