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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (left) and Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt (centre) prior to the Queensland Budget being delivered in State Parliament in Brisbane. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Queensland’s budget puts it back on track to be a smart state

The Palaszczuk government’s first budget for Queensland has promised to drive new investement and jobs in the knowledge based sectors.
Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls had little good news to deliver. Dan Peled/AAP

Queensland budget shows why the federation is broken

As Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls released the state budget yesterday, one could be excused for not really noticing. Long the poor cousin of Australian Federalism, state budgets rarely get much press…
Third time around for Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls. Dan Peled/AAP

Queensland budget another case of the disappearing surplus

With the release of a plan to sell and lease $33 billion worth of assets after the next election, the state government has shifted attention away from its budget. Though in truth, it would have been quite…
The debate around the size of Queensland’s surplus or deficit is shortsighted: governments should have room to move if they need to, and controlling waste should be the issue. AAP

Qld Budget deficit irrelevant: waste should be the issue

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls’ second budget has the usual collection of initiatives and some very good ones at that. Increased spending on education, disability services and health will nearly always…
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman announces his government’s plan to outsource, rather than completely privatise, many public services. AAP/Dan Peled

Why Queensland didn’t need to sell the family farm

Back in July last year Queensland Premier Campbell Newman was in a very black mood. All was gloom and doom in the Sunshine State, as he warned Queensland was “on the way to being bankrupted” without tough…
Indigenous Queenslanders should be able to choose their own path. AAP/Dave Hunt

Funding cuts threaten Indigenous independence in Queensland

Funding cuts announced to Queensland Aboriginal communities last month will of course affect the budgets of Aboriginal Shire Councils. But their impact will be felt much more further afield than just within…
All available evidence tells us that more investment is needed in preventive health – not cuts. angelsk

Brace yourself for a fatter, unhealthier Queensland after health promotion cuts

Queensland appears intent on dismantling its public and preventive health services. Health Minister Lawrence Springborg last week outlined the rationale for getting rid of more than 150 jobs in nutrition…
Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg announcing job cuts in his department on September 7, 2012. AAP

Censoring public health in Queensland - a dangerous precedent?

Beyond the recent publicity around cuts to health and other portfolios, something deeply disturbing – even sinister – is occurring in Queensland. The state government is implementing health policies on…
Given its parlous financial state, Queensland is within its rights to increase mining royalties. But why frame it as a surplus profits tax? AAP

Queensland coal: an accounting black hole

The Queensland Government has decided to raise coal mining royalties. Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? A review of Queensland Pty Ltd by Peter Costello revealed a precarious balance sheet. Time to get things…
Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls has delivered a budget that commits to austerity, with a return to surplus within three years.

Queensland budget commits to austerity

The 2012-13 Queensland budget was the most anticipated policy announcement in several decades. The cut-backs in public sector employment previously forecast and cost saving measures announced in the early…
Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls delivers what he has called “the most important state budget in a generation”. AAP

Queensland budget 2012: experts respond

The Queensland government will cut 14,000 public sector jobs, hike mining and gaming royalties and increase parking fines and speed cameras in an effort to get back in the black and regain its AAA credit…

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