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Beyond being told or incentivised to hire older workers, employers need to feel they are making the right decision. Image sourced from

Employers need more than money to hire older workers

The government wants to see more older workers in the workforce, but first we need to overcome the ageist attitudes held my many employers.
What if whether you got a job was determined by which web browser you used? Shutterstock

Big data could be a big problem for workplace discrimination law

Staff recruitment and retention are an ongoing challenge for employers. Proponents of big data in the workplace are now claiming they can change that. We’re entering a new age of predictive selection that…
Businesses run the risk of hiring clones when they seek people who ‘fit’. Pasukaru76/Flickr

Hiring today, for tomorrow: the risks of hiring people who ‘fit’

The costs associated with recruiting the wrong person are always high, not only in financial terms but emotionally as well. So the prospect of administering a personality test that accurately indicates…

Do you Facebook-screen potential employees?

Screening applicants using social media platforms is commonplace when recruiting new staff. But this could be seen as a breach…
Using social media to screen job candidates is a common practice, but recruiters should be wary of the pitfalls. Image from

Social media puts HR ethics under the spotlight

Social media has definitely changed the game for job-seekers and recruiters. Traditionally, HR recruiters placed an advertisement, sifted through the responses, and interviewed the shortlisted candidates…
Personality assessment is often used by recruiters to predict workplace success, with varying degrees of accuracy.

Who do you think you are? The problems with workplace personality tests

Employers recognise that work performance can’t be predicted perfectly by formal qualifications, references and interviews. Job candidates may have sheaves of diplomas, incandescent recommendations, a…
Faced with the latest recruitment challenge, would Sean Connery have cracked it? x-ray delta one

Hiring James Bond 00.7 … ‘illegal’ hackers need not apply

It’s unlikely James Bond would have been recruited this way. The perks of this job do not include driving an Aston Martin, sipping martinis in exotic locations or saving the UK by shooting the cat-stroking…

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