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If your target is making the biggest saving while shopping, you are probably a Sport Shopper. Image sourced from

Ready, steady, shop: shopping as sport

Do you approach shopping as if it is a competitive, sport-like activity? Or perhaps you attach social or emotional value in being recognised by your friends and peers as a great shopper, a proficient or…
Overseas based online retailers are far more innovative in coming up with ways to keep customers clicking. BBC

Doing it better? Overseas online retailers aisles ahead

All the signs are there that Australian retailers are not investing enough in their online operations. More than A$24 billion was spent online during the 12 months to March 2013, with Australian online…
Christmas consumer ritualism: how will Christmas 2013 pan out for retailers? AAP Image/Daniel Munoz

Aussie retailers should get their Christmas wish this year

Consumer Sentiment fell by 4.8% in December, but despite the drop other indicators still point toward a robust Christmas period for retailers. Retail trade recorded its strongest result for three consecutive…

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