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It isn’t just that city dwellers assume superiority, some Australians living in rural and regional areas also internalise a sense of inferiority. Mangostar/Shutterstock

Geographical narcissism: when city folk just assume they’re better

Big cities are seen as the centre of everything, which creates an attitude that often devalues the work and skills of rural professionals. And sometimes even they subconsciously buy into this.
The number of doctors in major cities is ballooning, but we need are more doctors in rural areas. becky bokern

Why the next government must reform medical training

Health care is a tough nut for governments because it’s the largest source of growth in government spending. Salary costs are the major part of this cost so workforce policy decisions have profound implications…
One-third of rural patients wait 24 hours or longer for an urgent GP appointment. Image from

Country practice: recruiting doctors to work in the bush

If you live far from a city, you are likely to be in poorer health than your urban counterparts; you’re also less likely to use health-care services and if you do, you’ll have to wait longer for care…
We need to rethink how we provide health services in rural areas. Alan Levine

Health care in rural areas: the answer is not more of the same

The recent report of the Senate Inquiry into rural health services gave tantalising glimpses of how the future of rural health services should be. But its central theme is not new. The persistent and consistent…
Researchers are interested in the factors that lead to GPs choosing one location over another. Brian Yap

Money not enough to entice doctors to the bush

Getting city doctors to move to rural areas for work would require a salary increase of up to $200,000 according to a University of Melbourne study, but even this level of financial incentive is not enough…

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