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Schoolies is a rite of passage for many Australian teenagers as they finish their exams and leave school. But are you prepared? from

Is your teen off to schoolies? Here’s what to say instead of freaking out

Schoolies and other leavers’ celebrations are a chance for teenagers to exert their independence and experiment with their identity as a young adult. And yes, you can help without losing your cool.
Most young people expect to engage in a number of risky activities at schoolies. Image from

Sex, drugs and alcohol: what really goes on at schoolies?

After finishing year 12, more than 50,000 young Australians attend schoolies celebrations, with most ending up on the Gold Coast. Other schoolies (or “leavers”, as they’re known in Western Australia) head…
Few teen drinkers consider the harmful effects of alcohol on their developing brains. Flickr/Lost Albatross

Schoolies week: bad for the body, bad for the brain

In far-flung tourist destinations across Australia and overseas, people are managing and mopping up schoolies week, where secondary school graduates engage in a ritual of excessive alcohol consumption…
How do we deal with people who use a night out as an excuse for a fight? Flickr/Anamorphic Mike

Itching for a fight: the motives behind alcohol-fuelled violence

This weekend, yet another violent assault has reminded us of the need to curb alcohol-related violence in public spaces. For most students, schoolies week means a trip away from home to celebrate the end…
Schoolies are built on huge demand – and high expectations. AAP/Dean Saffron

Schoolies, toolies and foolies – in the market for a rite of passage

It’s that time of year again: schoolies – that institution where school leavers (schoolies) disappear for a couple of weeks to a beachside resort to engage in all types of shenanigans, both legal and otherwise…
Doctors and scientists are encouraging school leavers to party safe this schoolies week. AAP

Using new hospital toolies to help Gold Coast schoolies

For the first time, Gold Coast hospitals are preparing for schoolies using technology to predict when drunk and injured teens will need help. With over 28,000 school leavers about to descend on the Gold…

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