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Malawian farmer Jelimoti Sikelo had successful harvests after he added groundnut and cowpea to the crops he farmed. T. Samson/CIMMYT

60% of Africa’s food is based on wheat, rice and maize – the continent’s crop treasure trove is being neglected

Just three plant species – wheat, maize and rice – account for 60% of all food eaten globally. A crop science expert argues that many of Africa’s 30,000 edible plants must be revived.
A soldier looking over a maize field where Somali farmers are tending a crop in Dollow, northern Somalia. TONY KARUMBA/AFP/GettyImages

Somalia is facing another food crisis: here’s why – and what can be done to stop the cycle

For decades Somalia has been in a near-constant state of food insecurity. This is due to a combination of stagnant crop production, a rapidly increasing population and political unrest.
Betty Aneyumel from the Karamoja tribe rakes fermented millet to prepare a local alcoholic drink in Moroto, eastern Uganda. Reuters/Euan Denholm

What ancient African fermentation techniques reveal about probiotics

There’s more to fermented foods than a good meal. Scientists are learning just how such foods encourage the growth of probiotics and how this keeps people healthy.

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