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Paul Miller/AAP

If Australian schools want to improve student discipline, they need to address these 5 issues

As NSW overhauls its approach to suspensions, school discipline continues to be one of the most difficult issues in Australian schools.
Suspension refers to when a student is sent home from school waiting for a decision about how to respond to a serious incident. Shutterstock

Why suspending or expelling students often does more harm than good

Research shows punishments like suspension and expulsion further disadvantage already vulnerable students and could result in long term criminal and anti-social behaviour.
How helpful is it for teachers to know how many times students have uploaded files, tweeted or participated in chat rooms? from

Data collected about student behaviour doesn’t help improve teaching or learning

Schools and universities pump lots of time and money into collecting data on learning analytics, but there is no research to show that such data actually helps to improve learning outcomes.

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