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Andy Coulson: out of town on key dates in prosecution evidence. Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Journalism in the dock: the prosecution rests

The phone hacking trial which began on 28 October, has entered the final phase of the prosecution case. On trial along with five others are Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News International…
Read with caution. David Jones/PA

Hard evidence: how dangerous is mental illness?

Once again, the issue of mental illness and public danger has hit the headlines, following the murder of Christina Edkins by Phillip Simelane. It was reported Simelane was released from prison with no…
Christina Edkins’ murder was a rare and awful thing. Joe Giddens/PA

The Sun splash missed point on ‘mental patient murders’

1,200 killed by mental patients – shock ten-year toll exposes care crisis The Sun used this apparently shocking statistic this week to blame the criminal justice system for the death of Christina Edkins…
The Sun is facing a crisis of its own as revelations of police bribery emerge. EPA

Scandal and schadenfreude in London as The Sun self-destructs

It is difficult not to supress a satisfying shiver of schadenfreude as one watches the saga of the self-immolating Murdoch Empire play itself out. The latest episode – breath-taking in its sheer chutzpah…

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