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Articles on Tigray war

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Farmland razed by Eritrean soldiers at a village in Ahferom district, Central zone, Tigray. Abrha Brhan Gebre/with permission

The war on Tigray wiped out decades of environmental progress: how to start again

Typically, humanitarian concerns are prioritised following a war. But the environment must also get attention so that societies can produce food and goods to rebuild their lives.
Shiny backgrounds for photo opportunities figure prominently at the 2022 AU-EU summit in Brussels. Photo by European Union

AU-EU summit: what stands in the way of a deeper relationship

The 2022 summit between the European Union and the African Union seeks to renew the intercontinental partnership with massive investments. However, structural patterns of inequality persist.
A cheering crowd surrounds the toppled statue of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in Addis Ababa following the overthrow of the Ethiopian military regime in 1991. Jerome Delay/AFP via Getty Images

Ethiopia’s civil war: Five reasons why history won’t repeat itself

Prevailing political attitudes, security actors, alliances and geopolitics differ starkly from the final days of the hated Ethiopian military regime.

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