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Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash’s chief of staff has had to resign because of conflicts of interest. Alan Porritt/AAP

Should the food industry resign from the health department too?

Furore over links between Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash’s office and industry continues today with revelations that her former chief of staff is connected to the alcohol, as well as the food…
The proposed star rating system is inferior to the traffic light food labeling system. Health Gauge/Flickr

Industry winning the fight against better food labelling

Most people doing their grocery shopping are probably blissfully unaware of the industry lobbying and backroom politics that determines what information appears on food labels. So let’s start with some…
To make roads flow better, we need traffic lights to be more efficient. sinkdd

Going places: why better traffic lights make better sense

If you’ve ever been caught in a traffic jam – and who hasn’t? – you’ll know Australia’s urban road networks are fast approaching full capacity. With the holiday season not far away, traffic jams and road…
Food labels may help curb the obesity epidemic but opponents willfully misrepresent what we know about them. Marshall Astor

Seeing red: critics of better food labels fail to understand public health measures

Nutritional labels on food packaging empower consumers to make healthier and more informed food choices. But like other measures taken for public health, food labelling also has its critics. There’s clear…

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