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COP24 venue Spodek arena in Katowice, Poland. Milosz Maslanka/Shutterstock

COP24: what to expect

Climate change conferences can be bewildering. Here’s a recap of how we got here, what to look out for at COP24 and what comes next.
Otim Joseph (front centre) donates native tree seedlings for Ugandan students to grow. Ugandan National Forest Authority

Sowing seeds of hope with revived forests and farms

Otim Joseph first started planting trees to protect his mother and sisters from being raped. Growing up amid a civil war, he watched as the Ugandan army cut down swathes of forest to make it easier to…
A plane struggles to keep its course in stormy weather at Amsterdam airport last month. EPA/OLAF KRAAK

Flying blind: global climate talks are getting us nowhere

If global aviation was a country, its emissions would be ranked about seventh in the world, between Germany and South Korea on CO2 emissions alone. Yet despite flying being a growing global contributor…
Jaundiced view? Julien Behal/PA

Russia’s silence on climate change helps no one

Russia is the fourth largest producer of greenhouse gases, but has shown little initiative and remained quiet among the turmoil at the UN Conference of the Parties (COP) climate summit in Warsaw. The hottest…
That’s a wrap: despite a backdrop of Typhoon Haiyan, COP19 saw significant industry influence to stymie climate action. EPA/BARTLOMIEJ ZBOROWSKI

Walkouts, roadblocks and compromise: Warsaw’s legacy

The UN climate change talks, held from November 11 until November 22 in Warsaw, were more disappointing than expected. During the two weeks, Japan and Australia back-flipped on their previous emissions…
Are we prepared to talk about migration as a solution to climate change? AAP Image/Courtesy; SBS Dateline, Supplied by Hussein Khoder

Migration is a solution to climate change, not a threat to security

How to deal with the impact of climate change is front and centre at international climate talks in Warsaw, with a fund for “losses and damages” caused by climate change to developing nations on the table…
Concerns over nuclear energy mean Japan is moving back to fossil fuels. EPA/TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA

Climate targets are the fallout from Japan’s nuclear disaster

Japan has announced it is significantly reducing its greenhouse gas reduction target. It now aims to achieve a 3.8% cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 versus 2005 levels. The new target amounts to…
Using tree measurements by Papua New Guinean villagers such as Daniel and Jackson, scientists can estimate that this tree stores about one tonne of carbon in its trunk and branches. Michelle Venter

How tree huggers can save forests with science

While hugging a tree sounds relaxing, it’s harder than you might think - especially when the tree is 20 storeys high and 3 metres wide, it’s hot as hell, and you’re swatting away swarms of sweat bugs…
Response at Warsaw has been strong to those blocking climate change action. EPA/JACEK TURCZYK

Australia and Canada are leading the wreckers at Warsaw

Ian McGregor is reporting from the Warsaw Conference of Parties for The Conversation. Australia’s and Canada’s extremely unusual action at CHOGM to deny developing nations any further climate funding has…
Not an award you want to get: Australia is named and shamed for holding up climate progress. Climate Action Network

Australia makes a bad start at Warsaw climate change meeting

It’s been embarrassment after embarrassment for Australia at the Warsaw climate change meeting. Former UN Climate Chief, Yvo de Boer, upbraided Australia for its failure to send a Minister. Australia was…
Climate impacts are at the forefront of Warsaw climate talks. EPA/Jakub Kaminski

Warsaw talks: climate action is failing

Karen McNamara is reporting from the Warsaw Conference of Parties for The Conversation. One of the most hotly-contested issues on the agenda for the current round of climate talks in Warsaw is “loss and…
It’s too early for the new government to lose interest in international climate negotiations. EPA/NIC BOTHMA

Abbott’s climate ‘diplomacy’ sends the wrong message

This week, the Australian Government announced that it would not send a minister to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations in Poland for the first time since 1997. This announcement…

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