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Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 61. Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images

How can America heal from the Trump era? Lessons from Germany’s transformation into a prosperous democracy after Nazi rule

The US faces many of the same problems Germans faced after World War II: how to reject, punish and delegitimize the enemies of democracy. There are lessons in how Germany handled that challenge.
Chinese are starting to question government control of the terms of public debate, as conveyed by this propoganda banner in Hangzhou in 2010. Philip Roeland

Do moves against Hangzhou G20 ‘rumours’ help show China at its best or worst?

Hangzhou is hosting the G20 summit and China is anxious to present a positive picture of the country to the world, but the official attitude to non-compliant citizens isn't helping.
Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like internet giant, is going public, but wants to list in New York, not China. Flickr/Jon Russell

Weibo’s US listing: tweeting the end of the Hong Kong IPO?

With news that another Chinese tech giant is headed to Wall Street, Hong Kong appears to have again missed out on another lucrative IPO. Valued at a phenomenal US$7-8 billion and boasting more than 600…
China’s new government has to decide if its economic and social agenda can progress without political liberalisation. EPA/Fan Siding

The Southern Weekly and censorship in China: a nation fights back

Chinese newspaper the Southern Weekly has gone back to print after a public standoff about censorship, leading to wider scrutiny of the Chinese government’s hold over press freedom. Optimism about more…
Does Western media jump on Chinese “censorship” stories with a little too much zeal? Thomas Hawk

Chinese internet censorship? Seeking the ‘truth’ on Weibo

Last week, Chinese internet users noticed the two Mandarin characters for “truth” could not be searched on Sina Weibo, the most popular microblogging platform in China. On July 12,Tom Philips, Shanghai…
Within hours of launching, the New York Times Sina Weibo account was suspended.

No-no on Weibo: China challenges the New York Times

The New York Times’ (NYT) entry into the Chinese media market is off to a seemingly rocky start. Two days ago, the company launched its Chinese website – – and a corresponding Sina Weibo…

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