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He may not fit with modern terminology, but were Freud’s concepts of the mind right on the money? tnarik

A dangerous method? In defence of Freud’s psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychology, has recently suffered some serious knocks. His theories have been dismissed as unscientific and his achievements are now considered to be equal parts myth and…
Current treatments for bipolar disorder are more effective for the symptoms of mania than for depression. Chris Connelly

Old made new: medication offers hope for bipolar depression

Little understood and lacking effective drugs for addressing the scope of its symptoms, bipolar disorder can wreak havoc with the lives of people who suffer from it. Now an over-the-counter drug is offering…
Media reports of crime and grief often refer to a family’s need for “closure”. AAP

There’s not always ‘closure’ in the never-ending story of grief

Media stories about crime and grief often centre on the concept of “closure”. It’s assumed families affected by crime or loss need to achieve closure and can’t begin the grieving process until the perpetrator…
The study claims an association between infant reactions and adult anxiety is due to temperament rather than shaped by the environment. MRS.HART/Flickr

Could infant behaviour predict future anxiety disorders?

A paper published earlier this week in the journal Molecular Psychiatry claims reactions to unfamiliar sounds, smells and objects at four-months could predict the development of anxiety disorders later…
The part of the brain that regulates fear normalises 18 months after a soldier returns home, a study found. The U.S. Army

How coming home changes a soldier’s brain

Soldiers returning from combat have heightened activity in the part of the brain that regulates fear but this usually normalises…
Problems come when bodies change and brain development doesn’t keep up. Flickr/zebra404

Twelve going on 20: are girls reaching puberty earlier?

You just have to turn on the television or catch a glimpse of a magazine newsstand to see how girls are being thrust into adulthood earlier and earlier. But does biology match societal change? Are girls…
Surgery and psychiatry attract the most patient complaints and have a high potential for power imbalance. c e d db o/Flikr

Early action against ‘complaint-prone’ doctors may help protect patients

Nearly a fifth of all complaints against doctors in private practice in Victoria are made against a small group of medical professionals. So taking early action against these complaint-prone doctors may…
Do not trust this face. New research links wide faces to lying and cheating. Flickr/Jake Mates

Study links face shape to lying

Men with wide faces are more likely to lie and cheat to get ahead than their narrow-faced brethren, according to new research…
More studies are needed to conclude that early treatment provides long term benefits for sufferers of psychosis, a major literature review has found. Flickr/Arturo Sotillo

Review finds limited evidence for early intervention in psychosis

Early intervention mental health policies may be gaining favour in Australia, Europe and the U.S. but there is limited evidence…
US psychiatrist Allen Frances is confusing the issues. Julie70/Flickr

Early intervention for psychosis: not just popping pills

A controversy is brewing on the website Psychology Today and subsequently in The Australian newspaper. At the heart of the issue is US psychiatrist Dr Allen Frances’ comments on the Australian Federal…
Keeping a journal or confiding in a friend can help overcome emotional issues.

You can work it out: shrinks aren’t always the best option

“When people get sick or injured or want advice about their health, they want to see a doctor” Dr Andrew Pesce, AMA President. As a child psychiatrist, I work with general practitioners to enhance the…

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