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Staple food. Solmule

GM crops: an uneasy truce hangs over Europe

New EU rules on GM attempt to unblock logjam that has hung over the technology in the region for most of this century. To work, anti-GM member states and Big Biotech will need to cooperate.
Pharmaceutical companies view the growing middle class in India and other emerging economies as a significant source of revenue. Ryan/Flickr

David and Goliath: Novartis challenges India’s patent law

India is the global focal point for legal and political struggles over patent rights and access to medicines. Particular attention is focused on the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, which is in battle…
Drug prices reduce dramatically when large multinationals’ monopoly is broken. m.p.3./Flickr

Big Pharma in legal battles for monopoly prices in India

Two large multinational pharmaceutical companies are fighting for patents and monopoly pricing in Indian courts. The outcomes of the cases – involving Novartis and Bayer – are likely to determine the country’s…