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Iain Duncan Smith: hardship, despair, and destitution. Anthony Devlin/PA

Human rights case against welfare reforms keeps growing

On July 5, the Daily Mail mounted yet another attack on the pesky human rights folk who have the temerity to question the coalition government’s welfare agenda. The article, headlined “The Brazil Nut strikes…
Show of strength: Boris Johnson prepares to take on David Cameron at tennis. Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Politics is a game best played by the young and the restless

So, Alan Johnson is too old, at 64, to contemplate a run at the leadership of the Labour Party even if the top job: the prime ministership may be there for the taking just ten months away. Prime ministers…
Lest we forget: the 2009 expenses scandal began the push for a recall bill. Dominic Lipinski/PA

Watered-down recall bill proves MPs just don’t get it

“Meaningless”, “a stitch-up”, “a breathtakingly cynical attempt to convey an impression of democratic reform” – this was how Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith reacted to his own government’s announcement in…
Farage: not loony enough to take on 17,000 Conservative majority. Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Tory victory as Newark proves largely immune to Ukip fever

The result from the most eagerly awaited by-election of this parliament was something of an anti-climax. While parts of the leafy Nottinghamshire seat succumbed to the Ukip fever gripping the nation…
61 speeches and counting. Andy Rain/EPA

Queen’s Speech 2014: the experts respond

The government’s legislative plan for its final year has been set out in the Queen’s speech. It most notably contains a recall bill that will allow voters to sack MPs who are jailed or who have committed…
Nigel Farage and UKIP are faced with a political dilemma – whether to become ‘insiders’ in Westminster or remain ‘outsiders’, criticising the key political actors. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

What Farage and UKIP could learn from the One Nation experience

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage now has a problem. In the wake of his party’s success in the recent European Parliament election, Farage and his UKIP colleagues need to determine how best…
We’re just one big happy family. Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Reports of the Lib Dems’ demise are premature

In a post for The Telegraph the Conservative MEP and journalist Daniel Hannan, reckons that the Liberal Democrats are finished. Referencing both William Shakespeare and Walter Scott, Hannan claims the…
It’s all downhill from here. Bertranfenne

Both Labour and the Tories are pursuing a cynical 15% strategy

The “35% strategy” – the idea that a party could win the 2015 general election on 35% of the vote – entered political discourse last year, generally as a Conservative taunt directed at Labour. The 35…

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