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Dylann Roof appears in court. POOL New/ Reuters

Look for the patterns in Charleston

So long as we treat each mass shooting, each black death as an isolated tragedy, there's nothing we can do. Things can change if we look for the patterns.
Just over a decade ago this boy posed in front of a mound of weapons handed in during a gun amnesty in the Solomon Islands. Today he lives in a nation that is gun-free by law. AAP/Military Public Affairs/W02 Gary Ramage

The Pacific region lives up to its name with disarming success

One sprawling region stands apart for having largely avoided, and at times even reversed, the steady global proliferation of illegal firearms and death by gunshot.
There is a higher density of gun ownership in country areas in Australia relative to cities. Does this explain recent homicides on farms? shutterstock

Does rural Australia have a gun problem?

The recent multiple homicide in a small Victorian township, coming barely a month after a mass shooting in rural New South Wales, may give the impression that firearm-related murders in rural Australia…
Another day, another massacre in the US. EPA/Shawn Thew

Hard Evidence: does gun control work?

This week brought news of yet another gun massacre in the United States at Washington Navy Yard. It is the latest in a string of 146 mass shootings, with more than 900 victims since 2006. The tragedy gives…

Americans support tougher gun laws

The majority of Americans support stronger gun control policies, including gun owners and members of the National Rifle Association…
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at a press conference announcing major new gun control reforms. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Many massacres later, Obama gets serious on gun law reform

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The Founding Fathers of the American Constitution might…
Vice President Joe Biden is spear-heading the Obama administration’s efforts to tackle gun control. EPA/Michael Reynolds

Gun control could help the fight against homegrown terrorism

The gun control debate in the United States has been reawakened for the new year, with Vice President Joe Biden providing President Barack Obama with 19 recommendations for action on guns. As The Economist…
A sign outside Sandy Hook Elementary School echoes the thoughts of many this week. AAP/Justin Lane

Gun control in modern America: hope for change?

I have been asked a number of barely concealed variations on the question “What’s wrong with you Yanks?” this week. Lacking anything better, my answer to the American thanatos with guns has been our national…
Grief stricken Americans will ask why is effective gun control beyond the capacity of their politicians. Peter Foley/ AAP

Guns and the US Constitution after Newtown

The horrific Newtown school massacre has again raised the question of why effective gun control is beyond the capacity of American politicians. The question is necessary, natural and appropriate. But it…

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