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3D virtual reconstruction of two-million-year-old ear. Rolf Quam

Testing ancient human hearing via fossilized ear bones

Beyond the cool factor of figuring out hominin hearing capacities two million years ago, these findings could help answer the tantalizing question of when did human vocalized language first emerge.
When children are bombarded with outside noises, it becomes harder to hear in class – and to learn. From

Dropping the volume around schools can improve learning

Chronic environmental noise, like cars zooming past or airplanes overhead, can make children struggle with reading comprehension and affect their memory.
The consistent presence of sonic textures such as machine noise have significantly shaped the contexts of our hearing. MattysFlicks

Look, our voices sound different now, in case you weren’t listening

The intensity and the consistent presence of sonic textures such as machine noise, distorted high-frequency sounds, midrange drones, sub-sonic hums and the like have significantly shaped the contexts of our hearing.
Air-breathing fishes such as Polypterus ornatipinnis laid foundations for modern ears. Flickr/lapradei

Now listen: air-breathing fish gave humans the ability to hear

A century-old mystery about how ancient freshwater fishes breathe has finally been put to rest, thanks to a study published today in Nature Communications by me and a team of ichthyologists. The fishes…
Covering your ears won’t protect you from bone conduction advertising. Markus Kison

Getting brands into brains using bone conduction

Just when you thought it was safe to have a nap on a train, the window you’re resting your head on might try to sell you a new app, skin cream or tickets to the theatre. Sky Deutschland has announced a…
Bone conduction technology enables commuters to hear advertisements via their skull – but how? Mr.Fink's Finest Photos

Bone conduction: the new front in guerilla advertising

Imagine this scenario: after a long day of work, you settle in a train seat, rest your head against the window and close your eyes for a well-earned nap - only instead of the soothing clickety-clack vibrations…

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