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Turning the other cheek: Stephen Gough. David Cheskin/PA Archive

How the end of the ASBO could make naked ramblers of us all

Stephen Gough – widely known as the Naked Rambler – has lost his case at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which disagreed that his repeated convictions and jail terms violated his rights…
Not so nuts? Dave Thompson/PA

Demise of lads’ mag Nuts is no victory for women

The probable closure of Nuts magazine marks a huge blow to the lads’ mags industry. Following closely behind the closure of rival Front, it is evident that the lad’s mags market has entered a period of…
Shocking? Christian Geisnaes

Nymphomaniac and our obsession with laying it bare

After a series of orgasmic promotional posters Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac hit UK cinemas on Saturday 22nd February. And unsurprisingly, everyone is talking about it. A four hour double feature of explicit…
David Cross portrays Dr Tobias Fünke (right), a fictional character who is also a “never nude” - but never nudes really do exist. Youtube

No more cover-up: bared bodies and never nudes exposed

Sunday’s return of Arrested Development, a much-loved TV series that has been on a seven-year hiatus, is a good opportunity to examine the eccentricities of one of its main characters. Dr Tobias Fünke…

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