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Scientists have a better understanding of the contribution of melting glacier and ice sheets to sea level rise, but much remains uncertain. Flickr/ChrisGoldNY

Melting ice the greatest factor in rising sea levels

Melting glaciers and ice sheets have contributed more to rising sea levels in the past decade than expansion from warming…
The floods that engulfed Sydney on March 8 this year are expected to become a more common occurrence. AAP/Paul Miller

Floods and heatwaves to increase across NSW

Rising sea levels could threaten up to 60,000 houses, 1200 commercial buildings and 250 kilometres of highway in NSW by the…
We need to know more about how ice sheets interact with the warming oceans and warming atmosphere. Greenpeace/ADavies

Improving sea-level projections

Satellite and in situ observations show sea level is continuing to rise. In the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, earth system model projections indicated global sea-level rise by…
Around 50% of Canada’s ice shelf has disappeared in the last six years, researchers say. Denis Sarrazin, ArcticNet/Centre d'Etudes Nordiques

Canadian ice shelves halve in six years

Half of Canada’s ancient ice shelves have disappeared in the last six years, researchers have said, with new data showing…
What is Australia’s responsibility for low-lying neighbours like Palau? CasaDeQueso

See you in court: the rising tide of international climate litigation

The Pacific Island State of Palau recently announced it will seek an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), asking whether countries have a responsibility to avoid their emissions…

Arctic ice at its lowest

Arctic sea ice coverage is at its lowest since observations began in 1972. Ice coverage in the Arctic has declined by 11…
The rate at which sea levels are rising can change depending on when or where the measurements were taken, scientists say. Flickr/Brentbat

Sea levels continue to rise, but not uniformly: CSIRO

Global average sea levels continue to rise but readings vary greatly depending on when and where they are taken, a leading…

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