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Eye tracking is already here, but looks set to become more prevalent in our lives. rAmmoRRison

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and eye-tracking – looking forwards

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 last month garnered the type of media attention we’re getting used to for any new smartphone. Among the most talked-about feature pre-launch was “eye tracking” – the…
Students work wirelessly on computers at Arthur Phillip High School at Parramatta in Sydney. AAP/Alan Porritt

Patently Australian: CSIRO settles suits over Wi-Fi

Australia’s national science agency will receive $220m after settling litigation against three US companies to license the…
You might not be getting enough shut-eye (and you may not even know it). orangeacid

Dream appzzz: can the iPhone help you sleep?

Sleep matters – and yet many of us know how difficult it can be to get enough unbroken slumber. Research has shown that getting less than seven to eight hours’ sleep daily is associated with increased…
Ever had the sense someone’s watching over your shoulder? Nick Chill Photography

Carrier IQ knows everything you do on your phone … but why?

What if you used your smartphone, knowing you might be sharing certain information, but had no idea what exactly was being shared? Or why you might be sharing it? If you knew someone could be recording…

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