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Founded in 1818, Dalhousie University is Atlantic Canada’s leading research-intensive university, driving the region’s intellectual, social and economic development.

Dalhousie is a truly national and international university, with more than half of our nearly 19,000 students coming from outside of Nova Scotia. Our 6,000 faculty and staff foster a diverse, purpose-driven community, one that spans 13 faculties and conducts over $135 million in research each year.

With 80 per cent of Nova Scotia’s publicly funded research, and as one of Canada’s leading universities for industry collaboration, we’re helping generate the talent, discoveries and innovations that will shape Atlantic Canada’s future.


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Le chef du Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, la chef du Parti Vert, Elizabeth May, et Jagmeet Singh du NPD pourraient tous jouer un rôle si le Canada optait pour un gouvernement de coalition. La Presse Canadienne/Graham Hughes/Chris Wattie/Nathan Denette

Voici pourquoi le Canada devrait adopter une coalition nouveau genre pour lutter contre l'hégémonie du PC et du PLC

Avec le système majoritaire uninominal à un tour au Canada, nous sommes coincés avec deux partis politiques. Une coalition entre les tiers partis pourraient apporter une solution.
Bloc Québecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh of the NDP could all play roles if Canada opts for a coalition government. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes/Chris Wattie/Nathan Denette

Why Canada should embrace a coalition-style ‘fellowship of parties’

We’re stuck with first-past-the-post electoral system in Canada, but that doesn’t mean we have to use our vote as nothing more than a veto of the worst possible option.
Une coopérante humanitaire canadienne prend soin des enfants d’un orphelinat à Haïti en avril 2010. Haiti et d’autres pays pauvres seraient pénalisées par les propositions avancées par Andrew Scheer et Maxime Bernier de sabrer dans le budget canadien d’aide internationale. AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

Couper l’aide humanitaire aux plus démunis, c’est inhumain

L'aide au développement a ses problèmes. Néanmoins, elle est cruciale pour réduire l'extrême pauvreté. Et elle favorise d'importantes relations internationales qui profitent à tous les Canadiens.
A Canadian aid worker tends to children in a Haitian orphanage in April 2010. Haiti and other impoverished nations would be hurt by proposals by Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier to cut Canadian international aid. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

The inhumanity of cutting Canadian aid to countries in need

Development assistance has its problems. Nevertheless, it's crucial for reducing extreme poverty. And it fosters important international relations that benefit all Canadians.
Des femmes manifestent pour l'accès à l'avortement, sur la colline du Parlement à Ottawa, le 9 mai dernier. La Presse Canadienne/Sean Kilpatrick

L'avortement au Canada est accessible, libre et gratuit. Non, il ne devrait pas être un enjeu dans cette campagne

La couverture des élections fédérales jette la confusion sur l'accès réel à l'avortement au pays. Il est potentiellement plus accessible au Canada que dans tout autre pays du monde.
Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures because they are carriers for many lethal viruses. Shutterstock

Genetically modifying mosquitoes to control the spread of disease carries unknown risks

Genetically modified mosquitoes were released in Brazil in an attempt to halt the spread of dengue fever by reducing the mosquito population.
This election, one of the top concerns for Canadians is being able to afford groceries, according to a recent poll. Sydney Rae / Unsplash

Why food affordability should be a federal election issue

Canadian politicians on the campaign trail would do well to mention issues of food security. At least 55 per cent of Canadians are worried about how they will continue to pay grocery bills.
Julia Aylen se promène dans l'eau jusqu'à la taille en transportant son chien pendant qu'elle est secourue pendant l'ouragan Dorian à Freeport, aux Bahamas. AP Photo/Tim Aylen

Changements climatiques: les plus pauvres seront les plus affectés

Les effets du changement climatique affecteront de manière disproportionnée les plus pauvres de la planète, mettant en danger la vie et la santé de millions de personnes, surtout dans les pays du Sud.
Julia Aylen wades through waist-deep water carrying her pet dog as she is rescued during Hurricane Dorian in Freeport, Bahamas. AP Photo/Tim Aylen

Climate change, poverty and human rights: an emergency without precedent

The effects of climate change will disproportionately affect the world's poorest, risking the lives and health of millions of people located mainly in the Global South.
Vegan activists have historically been vocal in their ‘meat is murder’ campaigns. With a plant-based protein revolution upon us, it’s time vegans rethought their tactics. (Shutterstock)

Why vegan activists should switch gears

If pro-veganism campaigns are in bad taste, veganism has a lot to lose, as we all do. The market needs vegan activists who are rational and present their ideas thoughtfully, with the intent to educate.
Queer men are using comics as a medium of self-expression to challenge, destabilize or embrace ideas about body image. Here, an excerpt from ‘Garden’ by Derrick Chow. ('Garden' by Derrick Chow)

Pow! Comics are a way to improve queer men’s body image

Queer men's comics are contributing to changing cultural narratives about what queer men’s bodies should be, and health researchers are taking note.
Boys play on a beach in Kiribati in 2014. Cuba is training doctors to tend to people on the Pacific island nation, struggling with disease amid the worsening effects of climate change. (Shutterstock)

Cuban compassion: Training doctors for a Pacific island nation running out of time

Cuba is offering a compelling example of how we can take care of each other during the climate crisis with its work training doctors on Kiribati, a nation that is being devastated by climate change.

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