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The Adani coal mine has become a key issue for voters. Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND

State of the states: Adani, economics and personality politics

West Australian voters need convincing that the Coalition will be better than Labor at managing the economy. Meanwhile, the Queensland seat of Dickson has already descended into personality politics.
In sub-Saharan Africa, upgrading water infrastructure requires substantial investment and a sustainable model. Shutterstock

Mozambique water project: insights into supply and use in a peri-urban area

Decision making on water infrastructure in peri-urban areas is challenging. But lessons have been learnt from a water project in Mozambique.
Calon presiden Prabowo Subianto (ke-dua dari kiri) bersama wakilnya Sandiaga Uni (kanan) beramah tamah dengan petahana Joko “Jokowi” Widodo (ke-dua dari kanan) dan wakilnya Ma'ruf Amin dalam debat pemilihan presiden tanggal 13 April yang lalu. Bagus Indahono/AAP

Debat pilpres pamungkas: baik Jokowi dan Prabowo terjebak teori dan retorika

Kedua pasangan memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing-masing, namun yang jelas kualitas debat kali ini terlihat menurun.
Keep up-to-date election campaign in each state. Shutterstock

Federal election 2019: state of the states

Keep up-to-date with how the federal election is playing out locally. Our State of the States series takes stock of the key issues, seats and policies affecting the vote in each of Australia's states.
The case of Hakeem Al-Araibi (left), detained in Thailand while on honeymoon, raises questions about how Interpol red notices can be misused to target refugees. Diego Azubel/EPA/AAP

Explainer: what is an Interpol red notice and how does it work?

Interpol red notices play an important part in international policing. Here's how they work and how the system could be improved to safeguard human rights.
Sadly, people plus beach equals litter, so be careful out there. Wikimedia Commons

Forget sharks… here’s why you are more likely to be injured by litter at the beach

One in five beachgoers has been injured by litter, with the most common incidents involving cuts and scrapes - but also including fractures, burns, poisonings and even blindness. So be careful out there.
An unconventional gas valve in WA’s Kimberley region, which has been newly opened up to fracking. AAP Image

Fracking policies are wildly inconsistent across Australia, from gung-ho development to total bans

The Western Australian government's decision to green-light fracking in selected areas aims to walk a line between industry interests and community opposition. But across Australia the picture varies widely.
Katherine Hoang and her unborn twins were killed in the Orchard Hills crash. Her husband, Bronco Hoang, remains in hospital. Facebook

When unborn children are killed, how does the law deal with culpability?

The deaths of Katherine Hoang and her unborn twins, along with her sister-in-law Belinda in a car crash at Orchard Hills have raised questions about culpability when children are killed in utero.
Pilostyles are only visible when their fruit and flowers erupt out of their host plants. The Conversation/Wikipedia

The mysterious Pilostyles is a plant within a plant

Only when flowering is Pilostyles visible externally, the flowers erupting from the stems of its host like a weird botanical Alien.
Dingoes are usually solitary, but can forage in groups near human settlements where food is abundant. Klaasmer/Wikimedia Commons

Why do dingoes attack people, and how can we prevent it?

An attack on a WA mine worker has highlighted the danger of wild dingoes, particularly when attracted by humans' food - one of the factors that can make an attack by wild predators much more likely.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull campaigning at a Tasmania factory for Brett Whiteley, the Liberal candidate in the Braddon by-election. Bob Iddon

Byelection guide: what’s at stake on Super Saturday

On Saturday, five federal seats will have a byelection, with particular attention being paid to tight races in Longman and Braddon. And all have implications for the major parties and their leaders.

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