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The one-metre long relatives of this snappy croc at the Koorana Crocodile Farm, near Rockhampton, helped test the betting risks of potential gamblers. Flickr/Michael Gorey

Snap that prize up: croc research on gambling habits gets an Ig Nobel

Research that studied the pokie risks gamblers were prepared to take after they held a live crocodile has been awarded one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes.
Open wide … the mouths of crocodiles like this contain bacteria that cause potentially lethal infections in people they bite. from

If a croc bite doesn’t get you, infection will

Until recently we didn't know much about which antibiotic is best for people who have been attacked by a crocodile.
Crocodiles keep their own secrets. Tambako

The unknown crocodiles

Slow, lazy, stupid? It's time to update your impression of the crocodilians. These animals are up to amazing things that we're only beginning to observe and recognize.

Crocs are smarter than you think

Crocodiles use strategic moves to lure their prey according to new research by The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The…
A saltwater crocodile lurks in the Northern Territory’s Mary River, a popular fishing destination. Erin Britton

Croc attacks: a new website with bite

Crocodiles have a rather off-putting character trait: they bite. It’s fair to say few people like being bitten. We like being eaten even less, and reserve our most morbid fears for creatures that dare…
Five-a-day please. blacktigersdream

Are crocodiles secret fruit-lovers?

Seed dispersal by animals is important for plants to help them occupy new areas of land. Usually bugs, birds, or intrepid kittens do that job. Now we can add crocodiles to that list. A new study reviewed…

Out-biting the dinosaurs

Researchers from the University of Bristol, The Royal Veterinary College and Duke University have found that ancient crocodile…
To figure out where we’re safe from crocodiles, we need to know more about what makes them move around. Jeff Keir

Controlling crocs means knowing who’s boss

The estuarine crocodile is the top predator in waterways across Northern Australia. Large crocodiles pose a risk to humans, so local governments take measures to control crocodile abundance and distribution…
What keeps crocodiles under control? Bigger crocodiles. Grahame Webb

Crocodile culls won’t solve crocodile attacks

There have been two fatal saltwater crocodile attacks on people in the Northern Territory (NT) in the last four weeks. Calls to “cull” the wild population of crocodiles have inevitably surfaced. More school…

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