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Electromagnetic radiation

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Not ideal to make music videos. NASA

Explainer: how hostile is space?

Space may seem calm, but it is a more hostile environment than that on Earth. Invisible radiation is a big problem for space enthusiasts and scientific instruments. Substituting electronic devices to do…
Not everyone heeds the advice to turn their phones off during take-off – but should they? Jetstar Airways

What a turn-off: why your phone must be powered down on flights

It’s a fact of life for anyone boarding a plane: all electronic devices need to be turned off during take-off and landing. Most airlines have had this rule in place for more than a decade now, even though…
Imagine a magic prism for the entire range of electromagnetic waves. TORLEY

Explainer: what is the electromagnetic spectrum?

Visible light forms part of the electromagnetic spectrum. So do emissions from TV and radio transmitters, mobile phones and the energy inside microwave ovens. The X-rays used in diagnostic imaging and…
A rooftop ‘E-bomb’ could wreak havoc on critical infrastructure and electronic devices nearby. Shane Brennan Productions

I advised NCIS: LA on ‘E-bombs’ but they’re not a work of fiction

In tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles airing on Channel Ten, the program’s protagonists try to locate a stolen electromagnetic bomb before detonation. I know this, because I was the scientific advisor…

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