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Many people are willing to queue for hours for the next iDevice, instead of simply waiting a few days. EPA/Susanna Bates

Hallowed be thy iPad mini – is the cult of Apple eternal?

Earlier today (AEST), Apple announced a range of new products, among them the iPad 4 (just six months after its predecessor) and the new baby in the family: the iPad mini. Pre-orders begin later this week…
Replacing Google Maps with Apple Maps has not been without its hiccups. Bert Kaufmann

Get lost: is Apple Maps on a road to nowhere?

Mapping and navigation is at the heart of how we use smartphones today. By extension, the Apple Maps app is at the heart of iOS 6. And so Apple’s decision to swap Google Maps for Apple Maps in its new…
Will Apple’s Passbook succeed where so many other digital wallet ventures have failed? Image from

Will Apple’s Passbook be a pocket rocket in the digital wallet wars?

You might not realise it, but there is a virtual queue of organisations snaking around you just waiting to make you more valuable than you actually are. Your spending patterns, loyalty program memberships…
The new iPhone is longer, thinner and lighter than previous versions. EPA/Yonhap

iPhone 5 launch reveals few surprises … but will it matter?

As had long been predicted, Apple today (AEST) announced the launch of the iPhone 5. The famously secretive Apple had sprung many leaks over the past few months, despite claiming it would be doubling down…

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