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To test the ballistic properties of the stone points found in the Mandrin cave, modern duplicates were created and hafted on to shafts, as they may have been 54,000 years ago. Laure Metz, Ludovic Slimak

The earliest modern humans in Europe mastered bow-and-arrow technology 54,000 years ago

In 2022 we detailed the discovery of 1,500 stone points in France’s Madrin cave. Experiments now show that they could were used as arrowheads, pushing back evidence of archery in Eurasia by 40,000 years.
While communists make up the bulk of portrait carriers in Russia, officials are also increasingly putting in a good word for Joseph Staline. Alexey Borodin/Shutterstock

70 years after his death, Stalin’s ghost still haunts Russia

Stalin, who died on March 5, 1953, was partially rehabilitated in the decades that followed. These days, he is in some respects a source of inspiration for Vladimir Putin.
Could ChatGPT be the technological tool that will, finally, radically change higher education? Shutterstock

Will ChatGPT be the disrupter academia needs?

The irruption of ChatPT has had impact everywhere, including higher education. But can it be a greater impact than expected?
‘Evolution, No. 13, Group VI’, 1908. Hilma af Klint. Rhododendrites / Wikimedia Commons

Hilma af Klint, a painter at the forefront of abstraction

The work of the Swedish artist Hilma af Klimt is considered the first manifestation of abstraction. But it has not always been part of the artistic canon. Even she believed that she painted something too advanced for her time.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify in Washington DC, in 2018 concerning revelations about the company’s sharing data with Cambridge Analytica, a consulting firm linked to Donald Trump. Chip Somodevilla/AFP

Debate: The multiple paradoxes of Meta and Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg says he wants the world to be more “open and connected”, but his decision to block archiving the company’s social media content argues otherwise.

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