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In Blade Runner 2049, a holographic artificial intelligence character, “Joi,” is marketed as a personal companion to the protagonist, “K.” (Handout)

Blade Runner 2049 misses mark on artificial intelligence

Blade Runner 2049 misses modern strides in artificial intelligence, which is now capable of performing creative work alongside humans.
Metropoles like Shanghai have survived and thrived in large part because of their massive populations. But what happens when people start to become a liability rather than an asset? Reuters/Aly Song

Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age?

Research shows that technology disrupts economies of scale, turning megacities' huge populations from strength to liability. To survive, megacities, like companies, must adapt.
All those neurones: if only a machine could really think like a human. MriMan/shutterstock

Why Google wants to think more like you and less like a machine

Computers today are fast and powerful but they still can't think like a human when it comes to some tasks we find easy. That's why tech companies are turning to neuroscience for help.
Disruptive technology is starting to transform our cities, societies and lives. Shutterstock

Smart cities present risks, opportunities

As disruptive technology increasingly enters our lives, it demands that we rethink and reorganize all aspects of work, life, and society.

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