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Articles on Childbirth

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Birth weight linked to mental health

Premature or low birth weight babies are more likely to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders later in life, according to…
Women who do not go to sleep on their left side on their last night of pregnancy have a doubled risk of late stillbirth compared with women who sleep on their left side, new research shows. Flickr

Sleeping on left side may halve risk of stillbirth

Women who sleep on their left side on their final night of pregnancy could halve the risk of their baby being stillborn compared to women who do not, a new study has found. Sleeping on the left allows…
Quality and safety in childbirth should not be equated with obstetric care. AAP

Is ‘tribal’ obstetric culture endangering mothers and babies?

How we are born, who supports mothers and the quality of the care provided during birth are vital to good public health and personal well being. But all is not well in modern birthing in spite of the advances…

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