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Automation has replaced workers in mining and industry, including the steelworks at Port Kembla, but most Australians are more worried about jobs going overseas. Dean Lewins/AAP

Australians worry more about losing jobs overseas than to robots

Most Australian workers are fairly relaxed about their own job security, but they do worry about the risks of poor management and outsourcing to cheaper labour.
There are a lot fewer workers on the assembly line today. And it’s not just car manufacturing that has seen jobs lost to automation. Ford Europe/Flickr

How to guard your career against rapid technological change

If you leaving school today to embark on a career, what should you study to protect your job from automation and outsourcing?
Pay up. Shutterstock

Outrage at privatising child protection should spark an overhaul of the whole system

The Department for Education’s proposal that for-profit companies could provide child protection services and other statutory functions for families caused a major public uproar this spring – and the furore…

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