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Global infrastructure agendas must not marginalise developing countries

The pitfalls of the G20 infrastructure agenda

Australia’s G20 infrastructure agenda aims to increase quality investment into global projects. The agenda advocates using the private sector to develop infrastructure in order to boost global growth and…
The private sector has driven GM research – but in whose interests? International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center/Flickr

How private funding influences GM research

In this fifth instalment of GM in Australia – a series looking at the facts, ethics, regulations and research into genetically modified crops – Sky Croeser outlines how most GM research is profit-driven…
The NSW Baird government is relying on asset sales to fund infrastructure, but all state governments have a revenue problem. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

New federalism promise recedes on falling wave of state asset sales

The fiscal relationship between the Commonwealth and the states in Australia’s federal system is unsustainable in the long term. That statement has been difficult to deny ever since the 1940s, when Canberra…
Sydney’s Cross City Tunnel has gone into voluntary administration twice since it was opened, and the government has become embroiled in legal action to recover costs. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

Political costs trash public-private infrastructure benefits

Last week’s Productivity Commission draft report on public infrastructure made a number of useful recommendations about getting projects assessed and delivered on time. But the report does not go far beyond…
New ways are needed to pay for infrastructure, according to the Productivity Commission. But our Asian neighbours are already at work. AAP/Dean Lewins

Government should front cash for long-term infrastructure

Elected with a pledge to be the infrastructure prime minister, Tony Abbott has repeatedly promised to bring more private investment into high-priority infrastructure projects. Last week’s Productivity…
The public versus private debate is oversimplified, and the situation is made worse by the hybrid nature of many so-called “public” organisations. Shutterstock

A privatisation message for the Commission of Audit

The Federal Government’s Commission of Audit reports at the end of this month. Tasked with identifying where efficiency and productivity improvements may be made across all areas of Commonwealth expenditure…
Fishes’ future rests in our hands. WorldFish

Putting seas up for sale will not save the world’s fish

The oceans cover almost three-quarters of the planet’s surface, and for many people they represent the last great wilderness. But in fact the seas support many human activities, and have done for millennia…

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