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There’s been a lot of commentary around Abbott’s wink yesterday, but is a wink really that ambiguous? YouTube

Think before you wink: the fuss over Tony’s unguarded moment

During a radio show yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott winked. In and of itself, this is hardly a newsworthy event. The context of the wink, though, appears to have made all the difference in making…
The two most prolific meanings for wink are those referring to sleep and that thing Tony did. lintmachine

One man’s wink is another’s winken – what did Abbott do?

Tony Abbott isn’t the first pollie to get into trouble with a wink. He’s now in good company with American Tea Party darling Sarah Palin. Palin’s notorious winks left voters in the 2008 American campaign…
Body language can affect workplace morale. massdistraction

Body talk: how body language affects workplace morale

A council in Western Australia recently prohibited negative body language such as shrugging, eye-rolling and sighing in the workplace, but a blanket ban on certain gestures is destined to fail. Body language…
Gillard gave a flawless performance. AAP/Lukas Coch

Gillard’s misogyny speech looks even better than it reads

As the fallout from Julia Gillard’s speech on Tuesday afternoon dies down, I find myself watching the footage again and again. While her words were compelling, the sting in the Prime Minister’s performance…

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