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Heavy gray smog blankets northeastern China, including Beijing and Tianjin, on Dec. 18, 2016 during a five-day air pollution ‘red alert.’ NASA Earth Observatory

When some US firms move production overseas, they also offshore their pollution

New research shows that importing goods from low-wage countries has helped US manufacturers shift production to less-polluting industries, produce less waste and spend less on pollution control.
India and the Philippines want to be known for more than their global call centres.

Call centres and compromise: the changing face of outsourcing

When Qantas wished to outsource some of its engineering operations in the 1990s it came to a compromise with the unions - the 767s would be done in-house, and the 747s outsourced. Decades on, clashes between…
New horizons for offshore oil and gas development. Flickr/arbyreed

Mobile foundations the key to unlocking offshore reserves

The offshore energy industry is a market sector that must remain innovative to stay competitive to secure Australia’s energy future. Latest statistics show Australia’s total petroleum output has an annual…
Thumbs up if you want a fair tax system. Jonathan Porter / Oxfam

Leaders will talk tough on tax, but action may be beyond G8

When the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies gather in Northern Ireland on Monday, one issue will overshadow all others: tax. For years the matter of how global corporations engage with offshore…
Offshored call centres can often produce superior service to domestic ones. But companies already doing this badly should beware thinking that moving it overseas will solve their problems.

Impact of offshoring jobs from Australian financial institutions

We have all had at least one bad experience with dialing through to an Australian firm’s call centre. A long wait. Finally an operator. Answering lots of questions the firm already has in their database…

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