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Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook reveals the government’s commitment to deliver a budget surplus for 2012-13. AAP

Swan cuts to save surplus: the experts respond

The Federal Government will make around $16.4 billion in new savings over the forward estimates to keep the budget in surplus…
Western Australia is one of only two state economies in the black. AAP

Boom and bust: the parlous health of our state finances

We are most of the way through a very long budget season this year, beginning with Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells in May and is not due to end till Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls delivers his first budget…
Political, rather than economic: economists say there is no direct link to surpluses and lower interest rates. AAP

Can surpluses lead to lower interest rates?

The Federal Government is continuing its pre-budget surplus sell, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard directly linking its plans to return the budget to surplus to lower interest rates. Gillard will use…
The ability of our politicians to achieve a surplus or balance the budget is spuriously taken as a measure of fiscal responsibility. AAP

Returning to surplus: the policy wall our politicians can’t see over

The Federal Government’s quest to return the budget to surplus raises many questions and not just about what immediate rationale there is on economic grounds for this strategy. It also raises deeper questions…
A return to surplus would make Wayne Swan happy, but its economic benefits are contested. AAP

What’s so good about a budget surplus?

The Federal Government has come under renewed scrutiny over its commitment to bring the budget into to surplus by next year, with Delloite Access Economics forecasting a deficit of $1.9 billion for 2012-13…
Jobseekers are the true target of a government clawback on student deductions. AAP

Labor: taxing the rich or screwing students and the unemployed?

Under the cover of last week’s budget splash, the Federal Government has quietly changed tax laws which currently allow students and potentially jobseekers to claim a deduction for expenses against government…
A single sentence conveys myriad meanings.

The Machiavellian genius of Abbott’s ‘honest politician’ jibe

“Only an election could make an honest politician of this Prime Minister. Only an election can give Australia a government with authority to make the tough decisions needed to build a stronger Australia…
Family not forgotten: Tony Abbott is congratulated following his budget reply.

Middle class welfare: terrific politics, but terrible economics

“We are animated by but one desire — to do that which is best for Australia, and fair, just, and equitable to all the states, and to all classes and sections of our community.” This quote comes from the…
Anyone expecting undying gratitude from scientists should think again. MacGeekGrl/Flickr

Undervalued, underfunded, undermined … how science fared in the budget

The post-budget political rhetoric to me reinforces the underlying, ongoing, disdain that this, and indeed many previous, governments have for science-related matters in Australia. Minister Carr is reported…
Does the budget lessen or deepen the male-female divide?

Tax, women and the Henry Review

The Budget: What does it have to do with tax reform? This year’s budget claims to “progress the government’s tax reform agenda, improving fairness and integrity in the tax system”. Does it? The short answer…

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