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Many American women are having children later in life. Sopotnicki/

The US birth rate keeps declining: 4 questions answered

The number of births in the United States have been falling for the last three decades, reaching their lowest number in 32 years.
Although polyamorous families provide great support for themselves internally, they report experiencing marginalization within the health-care system and fear of judgment by health-care providers. Shutterstock

More romantic partners means more support, say polyamorous couples

Having multiple romantic partners also offers greater financial and logistical support when raising children, according to research with polyamorous families.
Delivering a human baby – which has a large, highly developed brain – is risky for mother and baby. jaredandmelanie/flickr

This is what happens to a baby’s body during birth

Babies undertake a massive transition during labour and delivery as they move from the supported environment of the uterus to independent existence.

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