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A genetic match to an ancient person doesn’t mean you’re more related genealogically. Mark Edward Atkinson/Tetra Images via Getty Images

DNA says you’re related to a Viking, a medieval German Jew or a 1700s enslaved African? What a genetic match really means

Genealogical and genetic ancestors aren’t the same thing. A DNA match − or a lack of one − may not tell you what you imagine it does about your family tree.
Takahē are one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s conservation success stories. Now new research has shed light on their evolutionary history. Oscar Thomas

Humans, rats and dogs pushed the takahē into Fiordland – new genetic research maps its dramatic journey

Examining the DNA of the takahē has upended long-held beliefs about how the flightless bird ended up on the southwestern tip of New Zealand. This new knowledge can help future conservation efforts.

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