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In 2014, protesters chant “Our name is Strelkov,” in solidarity with the military veteran, Igor Girkin. Also known by the alias Igor Strelkov (“shooter”), he played a key role in the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas. Vasily Maximov/AFP

Has Vladimir Putin been outflanked by the Russian far right?

Putin’s annexation speech was heavy on ultranationalist references. Understanding Russia’s far right figureheads and what they stand for is now essential for deciphering the Kremlin’s war strategy.
Shutterstock / Artens

Southern European workers lose more than their jobs when they are laid off

Earnings of laid-off workers in southern Europe are 30% lower five years later, while in northern countries the decline is less than 10%. The differences are largely due to the likelihood of finding a new job.
The new Baltic Pipe natural gas pipeline connects Norwegian natural gas fields in the North Sea with Denmark and Poland, offering an alternative to Russian gas. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Russia’s energy war: Putin’s unpredictable actions and looming sanctions could further disrupt oil and gas markets

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not hesitated to use energy as a weapon. An expert on global energy markets analyzes what could come next.
In this 2016 photo, Syrian refugees and migrants walk along a path near the Greek border used by thousands to walk to central Europe. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris, File)

Here’s why Canadian-style multiculturalism probably isn’t possible in Europe

Could Europe embrace a multicultural model like Canada’s? It’s unlikely unless a new form of multi-ethnicity, in the shape of countries or empires, makes a comeback.

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