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Many developed countries already have significant waste-to-energy operations and therefore less material going to landfill.

Climate explained: seven reasons to be wary of waste-to-energy proposals

Burning non-recyclable waste to generate energy sounds like a great idea – but incineration plants need an ongoing waste stream to be viable, which perpetuates the make-use-dispose mentality.
Plenty of ink has been spilled over Australia’s recycling and waste problem, but real action remains frustratingly out of reach. AAP Image/James Ross

Another COAG meeting, another limp swing at the waste problem

An inconclusive COAG meeting comes after years of inquiries, announcements, initiatives, investigations and reviews. Australia is no closer to actually tackling our waste problems.
A major Victorian company has had to stop accepting recycling. TRACEY NEARMY/AAP

The ‘recycling crisis’ may be here to stay

China’s refusal to take Australia’s rubbish has started to bite, and it’s clear we’re not ready to deal with the consequences.
Worth the effort? Shutterstock.

Is there any point in recycling?

There are lots of issues with recycling – but it’s still an important part of society’s efforts to live more sustainably.

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