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Despite the survey’s findings, it is heartening that many music festivals have taken serious steps towards stamping out sexual violence. AAP/Dave Hunt

New research shines light on sexual violence at Australian music festivals

Many women do not feel safe at music festivals, citing the particular combination of big crowds and alcohol and drug intake making them particularly wary.
How much would you trust a driverless car? Shutterstock/metamorworks

We asked people if they would trust driverless cars

Do people really trust driverless cars to carry them safely to their destinations? New research shows that we are ready to use driverless cars in certain situations but not others, yet.
A 2018 pilot project between the Public Health Agency of Canada and Advanced Symbolics will use social media posts as a resource to predict regional suicide rates. (Shutterstock)

How AI is helping to predict and prevent suicides

From predicting suicide risk to chatbot therapy, artificial intelligence is all the rage in suicide prevention. The question is, can it really work?

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