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Should boot camps be banned? Boot camp image via

Public park or private gym: boot camps or bloody nuisance?

Fitness “boot camps” are becoming an increasingly common feature within Australian parks. Typically, a personal trainer will charge a modest fee to instruct a small group that gathers in a public park…
If you don’t have time for hours of exercise every week, short, intense efforts might work instead. Michael Lokner

Fast and furious: intensity is the key to health and fitness

Less than 40% of Australians achieve the minimum amount of physical activity recommended by government and professional organisations. This contributes to the fact 60% of Australians are overweight or…
Exercising at a moderate intensity is enough to reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol. Flickr/dangerouslyfit

Forget boot camp, exercise doesn’t have to be painful

You don’t need to follow the “no pain, no gain” mantra to reap the health benefits of exercise, a new study shows. Military-style boot camps that deliver fast-paced, high-intensity training (and chastise…
Sedentary lifestyles are a bigger threat than you might realise. Bob Elderberry

Get up, stand up – if not you’ll be a sitting duck

Most of us know that overweight and obesity have reached crisis proportions in Australia but fewer people realise the death toll attributable to inactivity (13,491 a year) is even greater than the deaths…

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