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A rally in support of ABC journalist Stan Grant in Sydney. AAP/Flavio Brancaleone

How can we make the media less toxic?

Journalism only exists to serve the public, and every serious journalist feels this in their bones, just as we all know how often we fall short.
Stan Grant, a Wiradjuri man, journalist and author. AAP Image/Supplied by Andrew Guo, Atticus Media

Stan Grant stands up to racist abuse. Our research shows many diverse journalists have copped it too

Racist abuse has forced Wiradjuri journalist, author and public figure Stan Grant to step away from the media. New research shows other diverse journalists have had similar experiences.
Election workers in Detroit test their equipment made by Dominion Voting Systems in August 2022. Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

Defamation was at the heart of the lawsuit settled by Fox News with Dominion – proving libel in a court would have been no small feat

It’s far easier to throw around accusations of damage to one’s reputation than it is to actually prove it in court. A journalism scholar explains the criteria that must be met.
Devon Sanders, a statehouse reporter and student at the Lousiana State University Manship School of Mass Communication, interviewed State Rep. Katrina Jackson in 2018. Richard Watts

Student reporters fill crucial gap in state government coverage

Where regular reporters have disappeared, university-led statehouse reporting programs have stepped in.
Russian rhetoric about Ukraine echoes language used in the second world war by the Soviets seeking to stem independence movements. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin insisted on Ukraine getting a separate vote to the USSR at the United Nations, even though it wasn’t an independent state. Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Ukraine: reporter’s notes from WWII shows how Russia used claims of fascism to stem independence

Putin’s rhetoric over Ukraine has roots in the end of the second world war, attitudes explained by Paul Winterton, a British journalist at the time.

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